My works emerge out of the everyday and seemingly ordinary objects and images sourced from domestic settings. In my works, I take these ordinary items (such as tiles, manholes, electrical outlets, etc.) and transform them, not just aesthetically, but also in terms of context—shifting them from practical use to displayed art.

My aim is to evoke an 'uncanny' sensation, a feeling that is both familiar and foreign simultaneously. It's an unsettling sense of uncertainty when the familiar briefly becomes unfamiliar. We often take the familiar for granted, it's transparent, part of our lives almost unnoticed. Yet, when it loses its assumed familiarity, uncertainty arises, evoking my interest.

In my artworks, I employ various materials and mediums. When considering turning an object or image into a sculpture, I strive to choose materials that express the duality between the original object and my work in the most intriguing manner. For instance, in the case of the cube sculpture resembling electrical outlets, I contemplated the conflict between the danger of electricity and the allure this object holds for children. Hence, I made the cubes with vibrant colors and materials reminiscent of gummy bears, evoking an almost instinctive desire to touch it. Only upon deeper observation would one recall the inherent danger associated with these objects.

In my works, the relations between the interior and exterior is a constant theme. It manifests through nature infiltrating the home (mosquitoes, spider webs, bird-shaped scissors), domestic layers that cover or conceal (tiles textured like spider webs), the tiny openings of manholes and electrical outlets symbolizing unconscious anxieties about what lies beyond, And the glance at the mirror that does not reflect us back, but creates a sense of introspection, a gaze that turns inward.